2018-09-16 :: 3:20 a.m.
lol when you just feel like the ugly door prize or something...
So..I have beautiful sisters. I am the most intelligent/spiritual/booky of us three (in other words -"the ugly one")And I see a guy in a bar that keeps staring in our general direction (me n my one sister). Hes not even close to my type..but I somehow feel i should talk to him cuz he keeps staring. In the process he tells me if he were younger and smarter he wouldve went for me, But my sister seems so dangerous and hes so attracted to that. lol who said you even had a chance w either if us - but did you really have to say that to me? Even at the beginning of the night some other guy started talking to me..and then scampered over to my sister. Yep im not a supermodel..but im not hideous..so why do i get treated horribly?im so tired. im so ...constantly demolished by thing i never requested.
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