2018-10-02 :: 5:13 p.m.
hahaha ooo my lort.
I dont remember if it was my last entry (maybe all of my entries) I referred to men as "monsters" - which they are..but get this: that guy I realllly liked was a fuck lying piece of shit. And I completely knew it after the fact, but it was confirmed yesterday. I talked to the guy for at least 4 mths..and got the cold shoulder after 1 date..lol obviously he wasnt into me...but like he completely lied about it instead of just being honest after the first week. I remember at the last fight night at his house, there was a single girl there who was very pretty. In my head I was like "I hope his friends didnt bring this girl to hook him up with, shes prettier than me so hed obviously go for her"....lol and he did. I was being juggled the whole time. I knew it, I knew it, I told my sister at the time...and shes like "yep you knew it."
The stupidest thing though is that Ive been watching tarot readings every month on youtube...that have been saying "An ex is coming back into your life" every reading descriptive matched him to a T...so I carried this idiotic little flame for way too long now. Until yesterday when he posted the pic "last round of chemo...thanks to all my fam, friends and beautiful gf" lol...*crumble crumble shatter shatter". But...what a piece of shit!
It took everything in my body not to write it under his pic...I knew Id get attacked for saying something to a recovering cancer patient. But fuck him for real! People with cancer can still do shitty things to people! He couldve been honest from the beginning and the whole time. Hes the one who initiated not only the initial connecting but all of the physical on the date. lol teling me "im not ready to be in a relationship" when I wasnt even asking for one..but you sure were ready when ms. pretty came along werent you..cunt! I cant believe I thought he was an actual good dude...I felt so horrible when I heard he had cancer I wanted to rush out and take care of him. And here I was...2nd choice, drag around the whole time. Im honestly done. Not even figuratively. I dont want another man to even gaze in my general direction, they can all get penis cancer and die for all I care.
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